Posidonia, the little treasure of the Mediterranean

Posidonia, el pequeño tesoro del Mediterráneo
Posidonia, el pequeño tesoro del Mediterráneo
Posidonia, el pequeño tesoro del Mediterráneo
Posidonia, el pequeño tesoro del Mediterráneo
It is very likely that when you read the word 'posidonia' you will not know what it is. And if I tell you that it is a plant found under the Mediterranean Sea, you will surely confuse it with an algae. But no, Posidonia is very far from being an algae.

Posidonia is an endemic species of the Mediterranean Sea that forms large meadows between the surface and up to 40 meters deep in waters such as those of Formentera. It forms one of the most important ecosystems on the Mediterranean coasts and plays a fundamental role in maintaining biodiversity.
Photo. CSIC Manu Sanfelix
Although we are not aware, Posidonia is VERY important, since it is the home for many species and organisms, contributes to water purification or generates large amounts of oxygen, among other functions. To understand it better, Posidonia is responsible for filtering sediments and improving the oxygenation of the ecosystems of the thousands of species that live in the sea. It is estimated that some 400 plant species and 1,000 animals are directly or indirectly related to Posidonia meadows. And all these functions have a result that is very visible to everyone (and that we love): the transparency so characteristic of the water of the Mediterranean Sea.

Photo. Cordon Press

It is essential to preserve it. But we find ourselves at a very critical moment. According to a study by the Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats , in some parts of the Balearic Islands it is estimated that around 40% of the underwater meadows have disappeared. And the reasons are nothing more than the consequence of trawling, polluting discharges, boat anchors or extensive coastal works. And it must be taken into account that its growth is very slow.

The heating of water caused by Greenhouse gas emissions are also a threat to this species. Researchers from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) calculate that the rise in water temperature will cause the disappearance of 90% of Posidonia populations in less than four decades. Some extremely worrying data.
 Photo. AP
It is more important than ever to be aware of the importance of preserving posidonia, one of the most valuable ecosystems we have on our coasts. It is essential to prevent their disappearance in order to maintain marine biodiversity.