What has happened in April at Natura?

¿Qué ha pasado en Abril en Natura?
¿Qué ha pasado en Abril en Natura?
¿Qué ha pasado en Abril en Natura?
¿Qué ha pasado en Abril en Natura?
If we had to describe Natura's April, it would be with the word "busy." And indeed, it was so busy that we didn't stop for a second. Here's a summary of what we've been cooking up:

1. New stores in Terrassa, Valladolid, and Italy
Opening new stores is always an extra dose of work, but we're excited to be present in new cities. As part of our expansion plan in Italy, we've opened two new stores in the country: the fourth one in Milan and the second one in Genoa. We're thrilled to be increasingly present in Italy and to bring our lifestyle philosophy there.
We've opted to have more presence in downtown Milan with a store in the Brera neighborhood.

In Genova, we've opened a second space on one of the most central streets in the city, Via XX Settembre 45R.
Terrassa, long time no see. After two years, we've returned to the city. With a renovated space and a store concept that takes us back to the beginnings of Natura. You can find us in the same spot as always!
We've also returned to Valladolid! Same place and same product, but with a refreshed look. :)

2. Natura takes India
Our purchasing team has been in India this past week, a place of inspiration for Natura. We love traveling to the country and wandering its streets in search of new patterns to inspire our future collections. Here are some colorful photos for you!
3. The 'Savor the Moment' campaign arrives in our stores.This month, we launched our summer campaign 'Savor the Moment.' It's our way of motivating you to live in the moment without overthinking it. Life is like a cocktail of strawberries, kiwis, oranges, watermelons, and lemons too. And you have to enjoy every moment as if it were the last.
That our stores reflect what we want to convey is no secret. Therefore, all our spaces have been set up to invite you to vibe and savor the moment.


4. We already have the new summer bag in stores!
And what do you think of our iconic bags? As part of our lifestyle philosophy, we think and design bags to reflect how we feel. This month, we've taken care of everything necessary for our stores to have the new Natura bag.
"Don't overthink it" and "- Pressure, + Passion" is the motto we've chosen this year. Because we want to remind you of the importance of living with more passion and less pressure, and without overthinking things. And as if that weren't enough, we've also added our manifesto. So that it accompanies you wherever you go and you always keep it in mind.
5. Summer collection photoshoot
This April, we also prepared a (rain-soaked) photoshoot for the summer collection. For now, we can only show you some photos from the day... You'll have to stay tuned for everything else that's coming. We're really excited for you to see the result!
6. Natura Salamanca celebrates 10 years
The Natura store in Salamanca has turned 10 years old, and we wanted to celebrate with all our customers. And what better way to do it than with a giveaway of our products? Throughout April, everyone who shopped at the store could participate in the draw for a travel product pack. And the winners were Tamara and her daughter, who encouraged her to participate in the draw. Congratulations to both of them!
And with such a busy month, we start May with a lot of enthusiasm!