What happened in March at Natura?

¿Qué ha pasado en Marzo en Natura?
¿Qué ha pasado en Marzo en Natura?
¿Qué ha pasado en Marzo en Natura?
¿Qué ha pasado en Marzo en Natura?
How quickly the days go by. We're already in early April! Goodbye March :) And at Natura, we don't stop. Trips, moves, new openings... Here's a compilation :)
1. Paris inspires us
Part of the team visited the city of love this March. A city that inspires and enchants us equally and always welcomes us with open arms.

2. Something's happening at our Headquarters in Barcelona
Yes, it's been a month of dust, boxes, and movement at our central offices in Barcelona. We don't want to spoil too much but... changes are coming!

3. Working on the winter collection
We know summer hasn't arrived yet but we're already thinking about winter. March has been a month of hard work so that when next winter comes, you'll find surprising and beautiful products in our stores. We can't reveal any news yet but we can share some photos of what awaits us in winter.
4. Love for animals
That our stores are animal-friendly is nothing new and that means we have more than one furry visitor. This March, we're sharing two photos that have come directly from the store.

5. Hello again, Ibiza Airport!
Our store at Ibiza Airport reopened its doors on March 22nd. A store that is open all summer and closes when the cold starts to visit the island. So if you're planning a trip to the beautiful island, stop by our store and remember: What happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza (and in your memory).
And with this... let’s make it to April!