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7 chakras white sage bundle

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This bundle combines white sage and rosemary with rose petals representing the 7 chakras of our bodies. Burning its leaves brings a sense of well-being, peace, and good energy.

Do you know the benefits of white sage?

Most of the properties are in their leaves. When burned, they give a pleasant aroma. It has the power of removing negative energies, offering  protection, blessings, and cleansing anyone and anything that the smoke touches.

According to Eastern tradition, the chakras - wheels in Sanskrit - condense and distribute vital energy throughout the human body. Each chakra has its own properties and healing power.
When our chakras are open and activated, we are meant to live a well-balanced life.

How to use it:

Purification rituals are universal practices. They are said to enhance mental clarity, joy and calmness.
1. Use a heat resistant container such as an incense holder. Place it on top of an appropriate stand and take a feather or a fan.
2. Light the end of the bundle, preferably with a match. Let it burn for a few seconds, and then blow the flame. Be careful, the leaves can easily be blown away. Place the bundle on top of the container you've chosen.
3. For places: go through each room and guide the scented smoke with the feather or fan towards the place you would like to cleanse.
4. For people: guide the smoke towards the parts of the body you want to purify, head, arms, legs, back, etc.
5. Wait until the bundle goes out. According to Indian beliefs, it will carry on burning until purification is over.

Remember that this is an intention-based ritual. With a pure heart and noble aspiration, you will boost its effect.

Do not inhale the smoke directly.

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Tied of white sage with rose petals. Natural culture without fertilizers or pesticides.

8-10 cm

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