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In your own skin

Life always leaves us a mark. Sometimes imperceptible and symbolic, but many others very visible. Our skin is an evidence. These marks –stains, scars or simply what we call “imperfections”- tell us a story and teach us to love the error, the difference. Skinmarks is a series of 5 real stories. 5 people who explain through their skin their memories, experiences and learnings.


I have always been self-conscious about my physique: stitches, scars in non-common places, moles and a big stain that occupied half of my body. Thanks to a psychologist and the support of my friends and family I have come to accept myself and how I am, to love me and recognize my beauty. It has been a long and hard road, but I don't regret anything about it. This is why I proudly post photos of my body in my social network. I have a mission: to raise awareness and normalize bodies that do not comply beauty canons.


My partner and I left our jobs and started hitchhiking through Latin America. After a year of intense experiences we decided to change our way of travelling. We were looking for adventure and independence but also being able to live the experience with our dog. This is how we started the journey that left so many marks on my body, not only because of the sun, the wind or the rain, but also because of the continuous demand of my muscles, having to put my body to the limit... We traveled by bike more than 9000 km, from the southern tip of Europe, to the northernmost point of the continent, entering into the interior of the Arctic Circle.


I was born in a small town in Dominican Republic, but I live in Spain since I was 8. I work as a professional model while I finish my studies. I have always considered myself a physically different person but I know this fact only makes more obvious a clear reality: we are all different, although most of us only see what we look like.


Six years ago I suffered a serious fracture of tibia and fibula while playing soccer. It was a hard blow because it immobilized me for months. The psychological recovery was harder than the physical one, even having a leg full of nails. As a symbol of something important in my life, I had a nail tattooed on my thigh. Years later, I suffered another serious injury when in the field: a broken clavicle. This time a 20cm plate replaces the nails and the scar is so visible that it is not necessary to emphasize it with ink. It will remian forever, like my tattoo.


I suffered idiopathic scoliosis at the age of 15. My spine was shaped like an “S” instead of a straight “I”. My scar was a complex for me and I wanted to hide it and even make it disappear. But, what previously took away my self-esteem, now gives me self-love and personality. As centuries ago warriors used to do, nowadays I show my scar with pride, a symbol of courage and the battles I fought. It is my strongest side, the mark that reminds me that I have never followed a straight line.