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Natura Award

Natura Award Natura Award

The Natura award actively collaborates with social projects, protecting the natural environment and the provision of humanitarian and development aid.

Since its creation in 1994, this award has recognized and appreciated the work of many people and organizations with more than 1.7 million Euros. Hence, when you buy in any Natura store, you are contributing with this award in many ways.


Until today we have successfully carried out 67  projects just as important and beautiful as:

12  Projects related to the cure of diseases and health aid

11   Projects related to the creation of schools and educational support

9    Projects connected with children support centers and safe houses

7    Projects related to the creation of drinking water wells

6   Projects combating poverty and inequality

5   Projects related to the protection of nature and animals

5   Programs to avoid malnutrition

3   Maternity centers

3   Projects connected with the improvement of rural areas

2   Construction of dwellings

2   Training centers for women

1   Project related to the defense of human rights

1   Center for elderly people



Thank you for making it possible.

Thanks to the NGOs for their efforts and dedication.

Natura is just the link between you both



For more information, visit the website of Natura Award