3rd edition of the Women's Cancer Scarf

3ª edición del pañuelo contra el cáncer de la mujer
3ª edición del pañuelo contra el cáncer de la mujer
3ª edición del pañuelo contra el cáncer de la mujer
3ª edición del pañuelo contra el cáncer de la mujer

One more year, we follow our fight against women's cancer!

We present the 3rd edition of the solidarity scarf "Dream of Colors" driven by Natura and Vall d'Hebron Barcelona Hospital Campus and that is supported by the godmothers Judit Mascó, Vanesa Lorenzo, Ona Carbonell and the artist Clàudia Valsells as a scarf designer.


The campaign aims to raise funds to find the cure for women's cancer and improve the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

Cancer of women frames: •he Breast cancer (With more than 32,000 cases a year, 28% of the diagnosed cancers) •the Uterus, ovarian and cervix body cancers (10.5% of the diagnosed cancers)

We want this handkerchief to be more than a complement, we want it to be the symbol of the struggle of women suffering from cancer and all people who want to solidarity with them.

As a novelty, the handkerchief is presented with a matching fabric bag. Inside the bag you will find the incredible history of those women who have suffered or suffer from cancer and who today want to share their concerns, their illusions, their dreams of truth with us.

Natura assumes the cost of production of the scarves and donates 100% of the benefits. The funds raised will be used to finance a scholarship that helps study the creation and development of support groups and emotional management for patients with cancer, with the aim of reducing stress and reducing anguish in the face of the uncertainty of the entire process.

A Scholarship for three years of a young researcher who will be integrated into a Vall d’Hebron research group to develop a new biomedical research project linked to women's cancer.


You will find the handkerchief from June 7 in stores Natura from all over Spain and on-line.

Buy the solidarity handkerchief and suck the fight against women's cancer.

Find out more about the project and know some testimonies in Suenodecolores.com