4 products and sustainable habits for summer

4 productos y hábitos sostenibles para el verano
4 productos y hábitos sostenibles para el verano
4 productos y hábitos sostenibles para el verano
4 productos y hábitos sostenibles para el verano
The sustainable lifestyle do you think this is possible? Because of the simple fact of existing in the world we are already generating an impact but it depends on how we live and the habits we acquire can reduce that impact considerably. Today we propose to live a more conscious and sustainable summer through products that avoid the use of single -use materials or dynamic or more sustainable habits for your summer days.

Sustainable products for summer

One of the healthiest habits we can acquire for the planet is to reuse. Avoid comparing plastic bottles or any single -use disposable product. That is why today we propose a list of products that can help you: #1 reusable bottles In summer we drink more water than ever. Heat causes us to hydrate much more. More and more people have a reusable bottle with us. If you do not have it yet and continue buying plastic bottles, give goodbye to these bottles and get a 100% reusable bottle. Reusable bottles Natura #2 Eureka Cup for your menstruation Do you know how many compresses and tampons end on our beaches and in the seas? A good alternative is the menstrual cup. Eureka Cup 3# Reusable fabric bags A habit that, fortunately, most of us are acquiring is to leave home with our fabric bag. You don't know when you will need it. Sometimes we improvise and go through the Super after leaving work. Discover the collection of reusable fabric bags that we have for you. reusable fabric bag Natura Reusable bag Natura fabric bag Natura 4# Reusable dismailing discs Summer is a moment where our face needs more care than ever. The sun, moisture, heat ... are factors that affect us. Therefore it is essential to make a good daily cleaning of our complexion. For this summer he uses fabric offaline discs. Very easy to use and reusable as many times as you want. Reusable makeup artists

How to be sustainable in summer

#1 solar creams that respect the sea Many of them contain compounds that can contaminate the sea and alter the marine ecosystem. Try to use solar creams "Ocean Friendly" to protect the surrounding environment. #2 Consume vegetables and seasonal fruits Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables. Your body will thank you but also the planet.
  • You will help minimize CO2 emissions
  • You will contribute to reducing energy consumption
  • You will collaborate to respect the natural production cycle of the planet
If you want to know what fruits and vegetables are those of each season you can consult them in our monthly basket here. You can also look at the post of home ice cream recipes, where we talk about seasonal fruits. #3 use appropriate garments to the temperatures you are going to expose Linen or cotton are 100% natural, fresh and breathable fabrics. #4 Avoid leaving a trace The mountain, the beach or the sea are not a landfill. Take all your waste in a bag with you and take them in the corresponding container. If you smoke .... Ojito with the butts. Always carry with you a beach ashtray. And above all ... enjoy your vacation! Happy summer.