76% of our polybags are 100% compostable!

¡El 76% de nuestras polybags son 100% compostables!
¡El 76% de nuestras polybags son 100% compostables!
¡El 76% de nuestras polybags son 100% compostables!
¡El 76% de nuestras polybags son 100% compostables!
We would like to say that we are a 100% sustainable company but ... no, we are not. We know that it is not what you expected to read but we don't want to fool you. We are a company and for the simple fact of existing already in the world. We do not want to be hypocrites.

What are Polybags?

Most of our products are transported in what we know as polybags, but what is this? Well, they are bags in which the products are packaged so that they arrive in optimal conditions. In transport there is moisture and the function of the bags is to protect the products of this. Without them, many of our products would arrive in an unfortunate state, impossible for sale. These bags are usually polyethylene and yes, once they get to destination they are thrown away. Buff what amount of plastic undone! Therefore, in 2018 we began to investigate and see how to reduce or replace these bags by others. After turns and more turns, meetings and more meetings we saw that "the lesser evil" was to replace the polyethylene bags with compostable bags. Yes, more expensive for us but less harmful to the world. Polybags Natura

What is the difference between "biodegradable" and "compostable" bags?

For a long time, these two terms have been erroneously used as synonyms since they are liftedly related, especially by the word "decomposition." However, this word is also what differentiates them. We tell you why:
  • The bags compostable They are manufactured 100% with substances of natural origin and degrade biologically producing carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass without leaving visible or distinguishable toxic waste. That is, compost (or "organic fertilizer") becomes through the action of the human being. In this way, it is achieved that the plastic materials of the packaging return to biocyclonatural in a much faster and more efficient way. Compostable bags take much less time to decompose than biodegradable substances.
  • The bags biodegradable They are those made of substances of natural origin, but they can also be formed with synthetic substances · These are degraded by biological actions, that is, they decompose thanks to the chemical components that make them up when they are in contact with the environment.
So, we can affirm that All compostable materials are biodegradable but Not all biodegradables are compostable. Compostable products are biodegradable, but with an additional benefit: when they decompose, they release valuable nutrients in the soil, helping the growth of trees and plants.

A 100% sustainable road

So in 2019 we got to work until today:
  • In 2019 we got the 9% of the polybags that stored our products were compostable.
  • In 2020 that figure rose to the 22% (much to do yet).
  • In 2021 we reached up to 41% (pity, we did not reach 50% expected).
  • But we are glad to see how this year we have already reached the figure of 76% of our compostable bags.
Happy! Although we know we have to continue working. Our goal is to reach 2023 with more than 90%. We are not perfect (nobody is) but we are aware and we are not still