A little hug

Un Abracito
Un Abracito
Un Abracito
Un Abracito

“Sometimes, there are days, the work is lengthened and done at night before I can return home. And start preparing dinner. And wash and hold clothes in the patio. And mop the house. And scrub the pots. Before sitting, for a while, in front of the TV and fall asleep.

Because in the morning, I have to get up early. And prepare breakfast and leave lunch almost ready so that, when they arrive from school, have to eat.

That's right, did you see? My life is pure work. A constant walk and down that has me without time for me.

I have not known what it is to walk as a hairdressing. Nor time is left to sit calm to organize my nails.

But know that none of all hurts me. It is my life, the life of poor, and that, from a very small one, I learned it.

In addition, there are my children. They are my life, my joy. And, wherever I am, they are always with me. Because I have them glued on my skin and inside my heart. They are all the best I really have. And for them everything I do with pleasure and even with love.

And, if not, see, see ... right now I call my little one and ask him to give me a hug. You will see how soon it comes and what strong it gives it to me.

And so you will believe, without hesitation, in everything I said right now. ”

Pepe Navarro