A talk with Carolina Mazzoni

Una charla con Carolina Mazzoni
Una charla con Carolina Mazzoni
Una charla con Carolina Mazzoni
Una charla con Carolina Mazzoni
As you will know, many have appeared in recent years Products for skin self -care. Guasha, Roll on Jade or Rose Quartz, Eye Contour Massagers, others for the forehead ... products of different shapes and materials that it costs to know what they are for and how they are used. Bodycare products - Natura   To clarify many doubts we have stayed with Carolina Mazzoni of The Box by Carolina, Specialist in Custom Massages and Facial Yoga. Let's meet her a little better! Carolina studied Shiatsu, a Japanese body massage. Two years of Chinese medicine and two years of Kobido. Sculpture masking Facial Face and many facial and body atrial acupuncture courses. She focuses on the well -being of our body, our muscles and how that is reflected in beauty outside: the skin. A talk with Carolina Mazzoni Who is Carolina Mazzoni?
I am the union of my experience in everything I have done. I am Argentina and I have traveled quite the world. I always went to make short races because my character pushed me to it. I want everything for yesterday and think about making a long race was something that, to my brain, seemed impossible. In turn, since I was a child, I have felt doing something for others. Although it looks topical I am happy watching happy people. Serve or make the other receive something from me or well. That is why I studied hospitality and secretariat, two races that have made me work in hotels and in various companies although, I have always been the family masseuse;). It was good for me, innate, massage. So I launched to study in that field and that is where I began to see that it made me happy since I united everything I was looking for and wanted. I united to make the other happy and was very rewarding for me. I felt that, doing a massage, it was in the only way that I managed to relax and not think about anything else. Focus on the present. Really exculpating, you look at everything and focus on the now. The work is very me: being for the other, doing something, relaxing, giving well -being. And yes, I say well -being. For me that is the important thing. Beauty is a consequence of well -being. People are beautiful because they are fine. That is a reality.
A talk with Carolina Mazzoni What place do you feel yourself?
It's curious, being from Argentina constantly ask me if I miss the country and I have it clear: no. Made of the green color of Argentina but not Argentina. I feel at peace when I am close to the trees and the sea. I think it comes from my mother was from southern Argentina and spent time near the sea. Getting into the sea is like getting weight, cleaning myself. Anyway, I think that special sites or places are created by oneself and makes them theirs. For me it is my place of peace: green of the forest and sea, a lot of sea.
Beauty or well -being?
No doubt well -being. Being calm, at peace and well is what beauty gives us. Having relaxed facial muscles makes one more beautiful since the skin is not tense and allows lymphatic circulation. The lymph has no pumping. Tour the body, collect impurities and detoxify it. If I exercise the lymph moves since the muscle moves it. The face usually accumulates lymph because it has less movement than other parts of the body. That is why it is important to exercise the muscles of our face. The more we move the facial lymph, the better the skin is; healthier and more detoxified. The brightness and cleaning depends on a good movement of lymph.
How to get time to put in front of the mirror and take care of our skin?
I don't get in front of the mirror. I do not have the personality or give my life how to put myself in front of the mirror and dedicate hours to the work of the skin. I consider that many times we lead a lifestyle in which it is utopian to think that we will have a lot of time for it. And it is not necessary! We have a few minutes a few minutes. It is not a matter of time but of constancy.
How to make a complete facial routine?
A basic routine would be: clean your skin with device or with your own hands every day, which is more comfortable for you. Important; A hygiene that respects your skin without leaving the strap. The skin is to protect ourselves from environmental pollution and we cannot clean it with a product that is not suitable for us. Then we must hydrate it and then drain it with simple movements. A few minutes but without skipping any step. If we want a complete routine, it would be: cleaning, hydration, lymphatic drainage and activation with muscle and bone movement. For example, we start with the Konjac sponge which is fantastic to clean the skin. When it gets wet, nothing scratches and it is a pleasure for the skin. We clean it from under top to activate the lymph. When we apply soap we exert undulating movements, while if we use it alone we apply more softness in the movements from the bottom to top. Be careful with the skin of the eye since it is the most delicate of the face and special attention to the nose since it is an area that accumulates more impurities. Once we have the skin clean we hydrate with products of natural ingredients. And there we can introduce products such as Facial Roller Litet For the product to penetrate the skin better. Finally, we need to close the pore and the Pink Quartz Roller or the Jade Roller They help us seal the skin.
Thank Carolina for his time and his desire to share all his knowledge with us. Here You can see some of the tutorials you taught us to do with the products of Natura. Ah! And if you give you some laziness to do it at home you can always visit it in its center in Barcelona: The Box by Carolina. The Box by Carolina