Book Day 2022

Día del Libro 2022
Día del Libro 2022
Día del Libro 2022
Día del Libro 2022
Read ... how much we like to read! Since we set up our first store in 1992 the bookshop He has always been part of our stores. And reading makes us grow as people, opens our minds and teaches us to respect, discover and tolerate other realities. The bookstore of Natura When is book day? April 23 is International Book Day 2022, and since Natura We support the culture. As? With discounts from the Book Day. Book Day is April 23 Why is book day celebrated? International Book and Copyright Day was set by UNESCO in 1995 on April 23 because near this date three famous characters of universal literature died: Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. It is a street party, a very symbolic day where we go for a walk and buy books to promote reading, letters and protection of authors' rights. Especially in Catalonia, where Sant Jordi is celebrated. What day is Sant Jordi? Sant Jordi and Book Day are the same celebration. Sant Jordi is the patron of Catalonia since the fifteenth century and, according to the popular party, the man must give a rose to the woman and there is a book to his partner. This is due to an old legend. Attentive! We have several book signatures in some of our most iconic stores in Barcelona and Madrid to know some of the authors of the selection of books that you will find in our stores:

Natura Pelayo

C/ Pelayo 38, Barcelona
Cristina Callao Patricia Benito Curro Cañete

Natura One hundred advice

C/ Council of one hundred 304, Barcelona
Rafael Santandreu Xuan Lan

Natura Home

C/ Avinguda Diagonal 472, Barcelona
Alina Topala Chloé Sucré

Natura Velázquez

C/ Velázquez 48, Madrid
Laura Opazo We are waiting for you! Happy Book Day :)