Capsule "the holidays"

Cápsula "Las Vacaciones"
Cápsula "Las Vacaciones"
Cápsula "Las Vacaciones"
Cápsula "Las Vacaciones"

The hippie spirit with crochet and geometric prints:

The holidays are just around the corner and we are more than happy to see how the holiday capsule, full of maxi dresses, crochet and prints Tie Dye, reaches our stores.

These garments are the ideal for your vacation and what better way to take it with a hippie and relaxed spirit, which leads us to dream of the days that pass slowly and carefree on vacation.

Are you one of those who are tempted to get a 100% summer extra garment before closing your suitcase? If you are one of those best do not go through any of our stores. You will succumb to temptation and who warns is not a traitor;)

Short dresses with geometric prints

Summer dress Natura short dress Natura

Crochet set:

Brown crochet set Natura Brown crochet Natura

Crochet dresses:

Pink crochet dress Natura Summer dress Natura crochet dress Natura

Color in dresses and tops:

Top summer Natura Summer dress Natura

Full Tie Dye Total Look:

Full Tie Dye Natura TOTAL LOOK TIE DYE Natura This capsule is full of trends, will you miss it? You can see the collection here.