Children from the Viñales Valley

Niños del valle de Viñales
Niños del valle de Viñales
Niños del valle de Viñales
Niños del valle de Viñales

In the Viñales Valley, located in the western part of the island of Cuba, there are Las Vegas Tabaqueras, producers of which, for many smokers, it is one of the best tobacco in the world.

From the roads that border the fields, it is easy to see the green leaves of the tobacco plantations that have given so much fame to the island.

A series of small secondary roads gives access to the bohios - old wooden houses in the shadow of large mango trees - in which the guajiros reside, which are in the care of plantations, with their families.

Most of them are very humble people, belonging to a working class that grew with the awareness that the well -being of the country's economy depends on their well -done work.

They are affable in the treatment and very hospitable. Tenacious children of the land that saw them born and to which they feel closely linked.

Its houses, located at the head of the different plantations, form a small and scattered community. A family united by common obligations. And for equally common needs.

At the afternoon, when the guajiros return from the fields, arranged for rest after a long working day, their children await them, in the dryer's courtyards.

Clean and sunny terraces that become usual meeting places. Ideal for game, fun and laughter.

Pepe Navarro