Different ways of putting a pareo

Diferentes formas de ponerte un pareo
Diferentes formas de ponerte un pareo
Diferentes formas de ponerte un pareo
Diferentes formas de ponerte un pareo
Pareo is a fundamental piece in any summer closet. It is a garment that is used in many parts of the world. Did you know that in Samoa a pareo is called "Lavalava", in Papua New Guinea "Lap-Lap", in Bali "Sarong" and in Brazil "Canga"? That's a thousand names to refer to the star garment. But ... do you know how to get the most out? Pareo Natura                

We show you different ways of putting a beach pareo to use it as you want: in the head, as a dress, skirt or even top. Let's go!

Dress tied to the chest or neck: You will get a dress with your back discovered.

Step 1: Use two ends of pareo.
Step 2: Surround your body and cross two of the ends of the pareo ahead.
Step 3: Keeping them up to the chest or neck.
Another option for pareo-revenge is to knot it to the neck and add a belt, highlighting your figure.
Tied to the chest: tied to the neck:
Caleidoscope Pareo as a dressCaleidoscope Pareo as a dress
Caleidoscope Pareo

Skirt Pareo: One of the most common options when wearing a pareo.

Step 1: Surround your hip with two of the ends of pareo.
Step 2: Make a knot at one end of the pareo leaving the desired length, thus achieving a skirt.
Dhoti skirt caleidoscope India Sanskriti Pareo skirt              
Dhoti kaleidoscope pareo Sanskriti India Pareo
Skirt kaleidoscope
Caleidoscope Pareo
Taxing it with your bikini, it is a safe success. Another option is to coordinate it with a shirt and add a second belt couple: Pareo as a belt

In the head:

There are different ways to place a stop on the head, such as knotted with hair collected in a bun or a braid, placed in the form of a band-diadem, or even for the most daring, in the form of a turban. Sanskriti India Pareo              
Sanskriti India Pareo

Top Pareo:

An affordable garment since with a single pareo you can get infinite variants of a top. One of the simplest: knotting a handkerchief creating a halter neckline, crossing it by the chest and making a knot. There is also the possibility of knotting it only behind the back, getting a top word. Postures Postures Yoga Top Foulard Bandani Top              
Postures Yoga Postures Foulard Bandani

Do you dare with some of the options?

Discover our collection of Pareos And ... Put on creative!