Do you know what the chakras are?

¿Sabes qué son los chakras?
¿Sabes qué son los chakras?
¿Sabes qué son los chakras?
¿Sabes qué son los chakras?
Chakras, a word that you will have heard many times but you don't know what it means. Today we explain it to you. In oriental philosophy, the chakras are 7 energy points that we have in our body that connect us with the energy of the universe. There are 7 "plugs" that we must keep open and unlocked to be able to flow and connect correctly with the cosmos. If any chakra closes will produce alterations in your physical or emotional well -being, so techniques such as Reiki or Yoga are made available to that necessary opening. Discover our collection inspired by the energy of the cosmos: 7 Chackras Collection.

What energy does each chakra connect to us?

1. Root chakra, red color
It connects us with Earth's energy. It is related to the basic needs of the human being: love, security and everything we need to subsist.
2. Sexual chakra, orange
It connects us with human pleasure, with the sexual part of each of us.
3. Solar plexus chakra, yellow color
It connects us with our identity, what we are looking for from life, our intentions and what we intend to do with them.
4. heart chakra, green color
It connects us with the energy of love, with empathy, the ability to forgive and gratitude.
5. LARAIMEO CHAKRA, Blue color
It connects us with communication and expression.
6. Third eye chakra, purple color
It connects us with imagination, intuition and perception.
7. Crown chakra, white
It connects us with the energy of "Lo Divino", of the Universe. It is the way towards wisdom and lighting and is considered the master chakra. 7 chakras

What effect does we have one of our blocked chakras?

We have already told you that there are 7 energy points in the body that make us receive the energy source we need. There are some symptoms that may indicate that some of them are kept blocked.
First closed chakra
You can feel with little vitality, experience fatigue and feel apathy.
Second closed chakra
You can feel somewhat distant, with a feeling of coldness and with little desire to give love. You can feel rejection by love samples that other people give you.
Third Chakra Closed
You can feel rejection of yourself, with lack of self -esteem and security in your abilities.
Fourth chakra closed
You can feel that everyone is against you. Misunderstanding and pride are the clearest feelings of this situation.
Fifth closed chakra
You can feel overwhelmed, flooded with responsibilities that you cannot assume and that it is difficult for you to communicate successfully with others.
Sixth closed chakra
You can feel lost, with somewhat cloudy ideas and with a feeling of being lost along the path of life.
Seventh closed chakra
You can feel a sense of confusion since you do not understand your feelings very well. It is hard for you to identify that it is what you want and sometimes you are surprised with reactions or thoughts that you do not consider yours.

How to keep our chakras active, open and unlocked?

How to open the first chakra
He is in charge of balancing ourselves at an energy and spiritual level. To unlock the root chakra you can include proteins in your diet and perform more physical activity. That will help improve the respiratory system and blood circulation.
How to open the second chakra
He is in charge of making us fully live our sex life. When blocked is when we reject any pleasure. To unlock it, it is ideal to increase fluid consumption and increase our physical activity. But one of the best ways to release this blockade is to practice pleasant sex and get to the fullest.
How to open the third chakra
This chakra is usually blocked for physical reasons. Diseases such as ulcers, acidity or digestive conditions but can also be closed by psychic issues such as selfishness, guilt and shame. To unlock it, you need to download adrenaline! Give sports such as boxing or karate hard, surely helps you.
How to open the fourth chakra
He is in charge of connecting to love. In order to unlock it, it is important to add more vegetables to our diet and perform breathing exercises, relaxation techniques or exercises such as yoga. Inhale air thinking that you are absorbing the good of the world and exhale thinking that you are cleaning you with pain.
How to open the fifth chakra
This chakra can be blocked by a lack of communication or not to say things for fear of "what will they say." To open it again you can sing mantras (phrases that encourage your well -being and that take you to a meditative state).
How to open the sixth chakra
He is in charge of connecting to our ability to intuition. If it is closed, it can be unlock through paint and meditation through mandalas.
How to open the seventh chakra
This chakra connects us with the "all." We can unlock it by connecting with our inner "I" with the universe. To do this, you can do meditation exercises with aromatic herbs or with nature sounds. It is also recommended to come into contact with nature to release the seventh chakra. In Natura We believe in the importance of staying in balance and, therefore, working our energy and our connection with the universe. Discover our collection inspired by the energy of the cosmos: 7 Chackras Collection.