Four basic exercises to learn to meditate

Cuatro ejercicios básicos para aprender a meditar
Cuatro ejercicios básicos para aprender a meditar
Cuatro ejercicios básicos para aprender a meditar
Cuatro ejercicios básicos para aprender a meditar
OMMM ... is so important to take care of ourselves as inside. For this, meditation is a perfect practice. During meditation, You concentrate your attention and eliminate the flow of confused thoughts that cause you stress. It is a process that helps work our physical and emotional well -being. the meditation

What is meditating?

Meditating consists of focusing your attention on a specific element, whether interior or exterior, a state of deep concentration. The goal is to release your mind from worries and repetitive thoughts and help it focus on the present time: now. If you have never meditated, it may seem something complex or even generate some fear. Do not stress! It is not necessary to be a mega tibetan monk trained for it. You can meditate even if you have never done it.

Tips for Meditation at home

Today we will share with you four basic exercises that you can do at home, in bed, or outdoors very, very simple. And yes, that's already meditating! Let us begin...

1. Make a body scan

It is simply about scanning the body with the mind and taking care of the sensations that are perceived in each of its parts. Ideally, you find a comfortable meditation posture that allows you to relax the body and keep your eyes closed. Walk each of your body's muscle groups with your mind. Start through the fingers of the feet and go up to the head. Pay attention to what the body tells you. What sensations do you perceive?

2. Meditate while you are moving

Although you think it only meditates in the famous lotus position and with incenses around, it can also be meditated in motion (although it can cost you more to concentrate). If you want to try this exercise, we recommend that you do it in contact with nature: in the field or the beach. Walk calmly and focus your attention on what you feel: the touch of the water on your feet, the heat of the sun on the skin, the caresses of the breeze in your face, the rubbing of the plants in your hands ... and Analyze what emotion is produced in you.

3. Make a back count

This meditation exercise for beginners consists of making a countdown from elevated numbers as 10,000 or 1,000. It may seem a simple technique, but it is very effective and helps greatly improve our concentration levels. Try to do the exercise whenever you can in a relaxation position and with your eyes closed. It is an ideal exercise to leave your mind blank and reconcile sleep. So you see, the famous trick of counting sheep was nothing more than a meditation technique.

4. Breathe to empty the mind

Focus uniquely and exclusively in your breathing. Look for a relaxed position and do not close your eyes, keep them ajar. It is time to observe your own breathing without exercising any control over it. Pay attention to how air is entering and leaving your body. If any thought invades you, do not try to block it. Let it continue. Meditate correctly

How to meditate correctly?

As you have seen, you need only predisposition and a quiet space to meditate, but there are some of our products that can help you generate a more pleasant environment to meditate correctly. Find them here.