How to clean your bottle inside

Cómo limpiar tu botella por dentro
Cómo limpiar tu botella por dentro
Cómo limpiar tu botella por dentro
Cómo limpiar tu botella por dentro
A reusable bottle is the best option for the planet but ... eye! It is important that you clean it and take care of it properly if you do not want you to accumulate dangerous microbacteria. If you are one of those people who have already passed to the reusable bottles ... attention! This post will interest you. Today we tell you how to clean a bottle inside and, thus, make sure it lasts in perfect condition much longer. Bottles Natura stainless steel with non -slip coating in various colors

What will you need to clean your bottle?


- Soft dishes soft soap - Water  

For extra cleaning:

- Vinegar - Sodium bicarbonate - A clean bottles brush

How to clean a bottle inside?

1. Use soap and water (also vinegar for extra cleaning).

Use soap water whenever you can*. To clean the stainless steel bottles, help yourself with stages, but make sure they are not abrasive. Use utensils with vegetable fibers such as LUFFA or Esparto. To do thorough cleaning, once a week uses sodium bicarbonate or vinegar dissolved in water. Mix a glass of water with one or two tablespoons of white vinegar and let the mixture rest in the bottle during one night. Upon contact, there is an effervescent reaction that helps eliminate spots inside your bottle. We recommend this deeper cleaning if you have used your bottle to transport drinks such as coffee or tea. *Do not forget to clean the bottom of your bottle. To clean it correctly it is recommended that you use a clean bottles brush that reaches every corner. This will help eliminate any rest of dirt from the walls and bottom of the bottle.

2. Try to wash it by always, so it will last longer!

Many of them are not compatible with the dishwasher.

3. Sécala face down and guide her on a plug.

To avoid moisture inside your bottle, we recommend that you always let it dry upside down and uncovered. Once you have dried it you can save it. Avoid doing it with the plug put. Discover ours Bottle collection Here and take care of them! Bottle Natura Reusable glass, with bamboo cap and covered with colored silicone Color stainless steel thermal bottle with logo Natura print.

How often should you wash your bottle?

Ideally, you must wash your reusable bottle every day. That's how it is! Just as you clean the dishes, cutlery or cups after using them, you must do the same with the bottle. Try to clean your steel bottle every morning or every night and so it will be perfect for many years to last.