How to make a perfect summer suitcase with Natura

Cómo hacer una maleta de verano perfecta con Natura
Cómo hacer una maleta de verano perfecta con Natura
Cómo hacer una maleta de verano perfecta con Natura
Cómo hacer una maleta de verano perfecta con Natura
Summer holidays are even falling some privileged will already be on vacation and that is synonymous with ... disconnection and (hopefully) trip! If you are from L@s suertud@s that is going to make a suitcase to go to the beach, to the mountain, to the town next to their city or on the other side of the world, attentive. This publication may interest you.

How to make a perfect suitcase?

Many have not been born with the ability to make a good suitcase and fill our luggage with "unnecessary" things (commonly known as: Porsiacas). Mistake! Today we tell you 7 tips with tricks to make the perfect suitcase. Equal to think of all of them at the time of making your suitcase is Too many But surely some serves you.

1. The list

Before getting to work, make a list. Think well what you need for the trip, write it and let it stand. After a few days, it's time to cross out. Read each of the things you have written down on the list to make your suitcase and ask yourself one by one if they are really necessary. In case of doubt, Tacha! List to make the perfect suitcase

2. Decide the format of your suitcase

Do you travel by plane? By train? By car? Transport will mark the type of luggage you need. The destination also depends on what you have planned to move with it, a suitcase with wheels will be preferable, a backpack or bag.

backpacks Natura

3. Choose clothes and accessories for looks

Think about every day you will be traveling and prepare looks. Put the garments on the bed and visualize what you are going to wear every day. We know this Tip It is useful if the trip is short. If on the contrary the trip is long, it is more difficult to think about what you will have been wearing every day. Try to organize the list according to the types of clothing you want to wear: t -shirts, pants, shirts, swimsuit ...

4. Rolle, not double

How to make your suitcase without clothes wrinkle? Yes, this is a very Marie Kondo advice but it works. When winding the clothes you maximize the space as it allows it to be more compact. We know that some garments can wrinkle a lot if we roll them up so our advice is: rolle soft garments such as underwear, cotton pants and sweaters and bend the shirts or American to prevent them from wrinkling. How to make a suitcase

5. Bags to organize your clothes

Whenever you travel cloth bags They will be your allies (you never know when you are going to need them). At the end of the trip you will have dirty clothes that you could not wash and, with a bag, you can separate it from clean clothes. They can also help you to isolate shoes that have been dirty. cloth bags Natura

6. An efficient bag

Whether you're going to fly or not, we recommend you put the shampoo, gel, creams, deodorant, mask or perfume in smaller boats. This will save a lot of space. It makes no sense to bring boats to the end. bag

7. The perfect puzzle

Once you are clear about everything you take and the suitcase you will use comes time to place everything inside. Start with more weight garments such as pants, shoes or the bag. Those are the first to enter your suitcase. Next, you see the rest placing until you leave for the latter those garments that can wrinkle more easily or the ones you are going to use the most. Advice! Take advantage of the hollows of the corners. To put the socks or underwear.  
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