Ideas of Traveling Products in July

Ideas de productos para viajar en Julio
Ideas de productos para viajar en Julio
Ideas de productos para viajar en Julio
Ideas de productos para viajar en Julio
Although it seems lies, July 2023 has just called our doors. Already? We could say the mythical-typical phrase "how time passes" but we prefer not to do it. Julio is a wonderful month. It is true that the heat squeezes more than the account but, for many, July is synonymous with .... holidays! Ok, yes, we recognize it. We feel a tremendous envy for which you start your vacation but, we will be good and recommend the best products for a 10 holiday. Are you going to the beach? There is our selection!  width =
  1. Top Palawan of straps and open back to go fresh to the beach.
  2. The folding chair Supplementary is perfect to sit in the sand near shore and read a book. Ah! You can save whatever you want in your lower pocket.
  3. Take everything you need with you with you and make sure you don't get wet with this Wateh bag.
  4. He Resposacabezas It is the perfect accessory to stretch in the towel and read comfortably.
  5. Finger sandal made with Eva material to get wet without problem.
  6. Bag Made with recycled polypropylene bags used in India to transport cement. Its size is perfect to take everything you need with you with you.
  7. He Pareo towel It is perfect to wear it as a skirt or dress and use it as a towel when you reach the sand.
  8. To the beach ... not without a hat! And the hat Basic of the big wing is perfect to protect you from the sun.
  Ah! What are the mountain to do? We launch you proposals.  width =                      
  1. The backpack Square It is a very practical accessory for any trip.
  2. He LED lantern Inspired by the classic querosene lamps is perfect as camping light.
  3. Daku T -shirt. Comfortable and with a lot of color.
  4. The Mosqueón lantern It gives you the versatility you need in the mountain.
  5. Not without my bottle! The bottle Natura It will keep you hydrated whenever you need it.
  6. Cervical Aloha. If you have to travel by bus or train to your destination, do not forget to take a comfortable cervical. Ah! You can also contribute comfort in a mountain shelter.
  7. Short Polu, made 100% cotton and with elastic waist so you can jog through the mountain.
  8. The Sandal with buckle rear grabs your foot so you can walk everything you need comfortably.
To enjoy!