Journaling: What is it and how it helps us.

Journaling: qué es y cómo nos ayuda.
Journaling: qué es y cómo nos ayuda.
Journaling: qué es y cómo nos ayuda.
Journaling: qué es y cómo nos ayuda.
Stress? Anxiety? Discomfort?. Yes, we live in a society in which to feel some of these symptoms is quite easy. So, if you feel like this, don't flake. It is in your hands to change it through constant personal work to feel good and happy. There are many techniques to work with the aim of finding mental peace and today we want to propose one of them: Journaling.

What is the Journaling?

It is a practice that consists in carrying a notebook in which to register day by day thoughts, desires, fears and hopes. This method has the advantage of being able to register and then consult everything we want to work. The idea is that we have in a single space everything we need to connect with the world in an easy, comfortable and creative way. With this technique we learn to synthesize ideas, organize our mind and better solve problems through writing and help us connect with being, what really matters.

How to carry out the Journaling?

1. CONSTANCE: The important thing about this technique (as with many others) is to be constant and try to find a hole every day to write. 2. A fixed schedule: It will help you choose a moment of the day to relax and write at least 10 minutes. When we wake up, after eating or before going to eat. Try to always be at the same time of the day. 3. Choose a newspaper: We recommend choosing any of the notebooks that we have available in Natura.
Journal of gratitude
A question that, if you have not yet asked yourself, you should ask yourself is: Do I practice gratitude in my day to day? Gratitude is much more than thanking our neighbor when the door opens or a friend when he does us a favor. Gratitude is a way of living. It is living thanking everything you have in your life.  width =
Body, Mind & Soul
"Cultivate your interior and exterior in the same way and the balance will be part of your life" through purposes and challenges, this newspaper will help you find the balance between your body, your mind and your soul.  width =
My Travel Journal
The only rule of the trip is: "Don't come back as you left, come back different." Anne Carson. Where does your mind travel when you think about new adventures? Plan your next itineraries with recommendations, advice, calendars, accommodations ...  width =
Daily Journal
"When things change inside you, they also change around you." What are 5 minutes a day? Find the way of being happy, through gratitude and positivity. Spend a few minutes to think about you and the commitments you have with you.  width = But you can always choose Any notebook and throw yourself at your wide. 4. Creativity to power: Let your thoughts flow without putting any limit. There will be days when we can write more pages and others less, but we must not get frustrated. 5. Review what you wrote a few weeks ago: It will help you return to what you wrote a few days or weeks ago. When you read your first texts you will realize your progress.