Julia Juste living free in Adrere Amellal.

Júlia Juste viviendo libre en Adrere Amellal.
Júlia Juste viviendo libre en Adrere Amellal.
Júlia Juste viviendo libre en Adrere Amellal.
Júlia Juste viviendo libre en Adrere Amellal.
Today we discover, by the hand of Julia, founder of Outliers, a new magical corner in the middle of the desert, 17 kilometers from the Siwa oasis, in Egypt. A hotel called Adre Amellal Where Julia connected with the feeling of living free, without ties, without prejudice. Being more than ever. Bomber Lino Dune - Natura
Bomber Dune
  Nothing you will find in this "hotel" is conventional. Everything is designed to live in peace and harmony. Every detail is in place, designed so that it is not strident but harmonious with what wraps you. Bungalows and small buildings are built in a respectful way and integrated with the environment using desert materials (sand, salt, palm trees ...). You will live without electricity (candles, torches, bonfires and flashlights will illuminate your nights), or telephones or air conditioning. You can shower with warmed hot water through solar panels.  width = Shaka pants - Natura
Shaka pants
Long Dress Pipe - Natura
Pipe dress
"Despite having it idealized, I was still surprised by Adrere Amellal's project. It's not just beauty, food, temperature, view ... if not the story that tells you and who tells you what gives it true value to a place."
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"Adrere Amellal was the end of the party of our trip through Egypt. This hotel is a destination in itself, beyond that it is in Siwa, a spectacular oasis. It took 10h to car from Cairo. The trip was what we expected : hours and hours for an arid and monotonous landscape. Thinking that I "lose" travel hours for a transfer was a very recurring feeling in my past trips. This time I liked to get bored, enjoy the price to pay for reaching that wonderful place Victim of the culture of immediacy and perfection, this inevitable pause made me reflect on the frustration that have always produced the waiting, setbacks and "failures" on trips. How can I learn to enjoy the way? How to reduce the expectations or manage changes of plans? We consume such idyllic trips through social networks, that once on the pitch can reign frustration. "
 width = And we say goodbye. Soon a new special place for Julia.