We Can Be Heroes ...

We can be heroes...
We can be heroes...
We can be heroes...
We can be heroes...

We have started the year with a whole series of inputs related to the theme of identity, films such as the Danish girl and a whole series of news related to the theme of transsexuality (not always positive) make us rethink many clichés that follow latent in this society.


Sometimes it gives the feeling that identity is in danger of extinction, it seems that there is a general tendency to homogenize everything, to classify, to label ...

We need to name and reorganize in types everything around us, perhaps it is easier for us to justify it, because we need to justify everything.

We seem to be ignoring, or perhaps forgetting, the need of the individual himself to claim himself as such.

We follow the fashion trends to Rajatabla, both to share them and be part of them, and to manifest ourselves against. But, with everything and with that, we work for a something already defined.

Lipovetsky said that "fashion is always the others" (the empire of the ephemeral). Give thinking ... right?

"This thing? Oh, well. I understand. You think this has nothing to do with you. You go to your closet and choose, I don't know, that old blue sweater, for example because you want to tell the world that you respect yourself too much As if to interest you in what you use. But what you don't know is that this sweater is not just blue. It is not turquoise. It is not ultramar Collections of eight designers. And then he filtered in the department stores and then went to a tragic Casual Corner where you, no doubt, took it from a liquidation basket. However, that blue represents millions of dollars and countless jobs And it is something comic that you think you made a decision that exempts you from the fashion industry when in fact, you are using a sweater selected for you by the people of this room. Among a lot of things. "

The carnival has already been after and just when one month of the death of David Bowie has just been fulfilled, far from getting into the car of opportunistic tributes and reminders, it seems essential to highlight his figure as a reference.

Bowie's arrival transformed and rethink the sexual, social, aesthetic and artistic universe had and for having until the time.

It was he who with his albums, his lyrics and his image invited millions of people around the world to rethink their identity and manifest it without fear.

"ANDThe boy who came from the stars " He marked a before and after in the lives of many people, thus breaking taboos and clichés.

You have your mother confused / Do not know if you are a boy or a girl / oh, love, your hair is perfect, let's go tonight (...) we like to dance and we have a divine appearance ”(‘ Rebel Rebel ’, 1974)

Bowie characters are difficult to find, but there are, and the most important thing is that they are a clear example to follow, a declaration of principles and intentions.

Claim our identity as their own, regardless of fashion currents, apart from being or not accepted by society.

Reinvent yourself at every moment, experiment, enjoy, create, play ... live !!

This is the legacy in my opinion that David Bowie could leave us, know yourself, explore yourself, but always be faithful to yourself.

A challenge, right?

We Can Be Heroes ...