Morning routine with Natura products

Morning routine con productos Natura
Morning routine con productos Natura
Morning routine con productos Natura
Morning routine con productos Natura
A well-crafted morning facial routine can be the key to radiant and healthy skin. Beyond a simple beauty routine, this ritual is an act of self-love and personal care that can transform how we look and feel. It's a sacred moment of connection with ourselves.
Today we want to share with you our favorite facial routine, featuring the best products to prepare your skin to face your day with confidence and brightness.
Step 1. Cleanse your skin
To avoid getting your hair dirty, you can use our headband, a basic tool to keep your hair away from your face and make your morning routine easier.
For a thorough cleansing of your face, we recommend using the Lemongrass soap bar, which, thanks to its properties, will tone your skin and help stimulate your mind.
Another option we love is the cut soap, which comes in three different options depending on your skin type:
  • Citrus, for oily skin. It exfoliates and refreshes the skin while cleansing, as well as removing impurities and dead cells.
  • Lavender, recommended for damaged skin. It has nourishing and regenerating properties.
  • Floral, ideal for dry skin. It helps heal and protect the skin.

To help cleanse your skin deeply, you can use the konjac sponge, vegan and biodegradable. It's ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. This product will help clean your pores deeply, removing any dirt your face may have.
You can also accompany your facial cleansing with the soft facial brush. It can be used dry or wet, and its soft bristles will exfoliate your skin so you can show off a radiant and decongested face.
Step 2. Apply your favorite toner with the reusable facial pad
Once your skin is clean and free of impurities, it's time to apply the toner. This step is essential to prepare your skin for the following steps. To apply it, use the reusable facial pads. They are made of cotton and are the perfect alternative to conventional disposable pads.
Step 3. Relax your skin with a massage to apply the serum
To allow the serum to be fully absorbed and fulfill its moisturizing properties, it's recommended to use a quartz facial roller. This product promotes blood circulation and reduces swelling.
Step 4. Accompany your moisturizer with the gua sha stone
It's proven that the gua sha stone has amazing benefits for the face: it improves circulation and blood flow, releases toxins, and is also an anti-aging technique.
It's always recommended that, before using it, the skin is well hydrated, as this will allow the stone to glide much better. Therefore, you can apply your favorite facial moisturizer and then massage your face and neck with the rose quartz gua sha stone. Not only will you get benefits for your skin, but you'll also help relax the facial muscles and achieve a lifting effect.
Step 5. Eye contour, the great forgotten
It's a product that we usually don't include in our facial routine, but the eye contour is a must-have if you want to avoid having puffy skin. For it to be more effective, it's important to use a metal massager, like our metal spoon facial massager. It provides a refreshing and soothing effect on the skin, reducing swelling in the eye contour.