Recipes with lemons for summer

Recetas con limones para el verano
Recetas con limones para el verano
Recetas con limones para el verano
Recetas con limones para el verano
Recipes with lemons are the best formula to cool off in summer. You sign up? A lemon, my lemon, I like it more ... yes, yes ... for us the lemon is a star ingredient for the summer. It is perfect for refreshing and contributing flavor to our drinks or dressings and always taking care of us. That is why today we want to share with you 4 recipes with easy and simple lemons for summer. All of them have a common denominator: lemon. And did you know that this fruit, in addition to refreshing us, is a source of vitamin C? And you will think that is for winter. The famous juices and vitamin C supplements to combat the constipated. Nah! Vitamin C is also involved in the elaboration of collagen, a protein helps take care of your skin, nails, bones, joints, etc ...

Basic lemon vinaigrette

Lemon vinaigrette recipe Ingredients 2/3 cup of olive oil 1/3 cup of fresh lemon juice Marine salt to taste Newly ground black pepper
Preparation Beat the oil and lemon juice in a small bowl or stir in a bottle with airtight closure to emulsify. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add the mixture to a Oil And ... ready to give the citrus touch to your salads!  

Lemon & ginger drink to say chaooo! heat

Ingredients: 6 glasses of water ¼ of the glass of fresh grated ginger Trouble of 7 fresh lemons. 1 lime juice
Preparation First of all, mix a glass of water in a saucepan and grated ginger. You have to heat this mixture, while you remove it. Then let the mixture cool. Stock the preparation and place it in a jar. Add the rest of the water, the juice of the lemons and the files and mix the preparation very well. Put ice to taste!

Orange and lemon poles

Lemon vinaigrette recipe Ingredients 250 ml. Orange juice (3-4 oranges) 250 ml. Lemon juice (4-6 lemons) 350 ml. water 175 g. sugar Zest of a lemon and an orange 4 pepper or mint leaves (optional)
Preparation A lemon and an orange scratch. Make a light boiling syrup for 5 minutes water and sugar with a few peppermint leaves to taste and zest of an orange and a lemon. Let it cool. Squeeze on the one hand oranges and on the other the lemons, in two different jugs. Add with a 150 milliliters of the syrup to the orange juice and 200 to the lemon. Try if you have to rectify water or sugar and add it to The T -shirts. Let it rest in the fridge for at least 1 hour. After that time you can put them in the freezer; We leave them all night to freeze (at least 12 hours).

Homemade lemonade

homemade lemonade recipe Ingredients 4 lemons 80 gr of sugar (that will depend on the sweetness point that you like) 500 gr of ice cubes. 500 gr of water.
Lave a lemon very well and peel your skin, try to have barely white part, and put it in the blender glass. Peel completely the 4 lemons so that you stay only with the segments, nothing white or skin. Also remove all the nuggets you can. Put the lemons in the blender glass, and add half of the water (about 250 gr). Crush everything until a paste is left. Pour the mixture on a strainer and give it away. Rinse the blender glass, pour the already cast mixture, and add the rest of the water, cubes and sugar. Crush everything again until the cubes have practically undone. Add some peppermint leaves and you already have it ready. You can serve it in A drink dispenser. We hope you enjoy our recipes with lemons and our spring/summer collection.