The best books of 2018 according to our team

Los mejores libros del 2018 según nuestro equipo
Los mejores libros del 2018 según nuestro equipo
Los mejores libros del 2018 según nuestro equipo
Los mejores libros del 2018 según nuestro equipo

I just finished the book entitled Swell, From Patagonia Liz Clark ambassador. I couldn't have had a better beach partner this summer. This is the memoirs of this surfer of California, who decided to fulfill his dream of navigating the world alone in his 12 -meter sailboat. A book full of wild waves, bittersweet relationships, wonders of nature and colorful cultures. Liz tells his trip with captivating details, sharing stories of loneliness, of connection with nature and the commitment to live in harmony with her.

For our blog, I decided to ask my office companions what books they had captivated this year. I encourage you to make scroll and discover which ones have been your chosen, as well as to leave your favorite book in comments.

Books today and yesterday, these are the titles that have conquered us in 2018:


Alexandra (Communication)

My favorite book of 2018 has been All my futures are with you of the singer -songwriter and poet Marwan. It is a mixture between contemporary poetry, poetic prose and simple inspiring phrases. You cannot avoid feeling identified with any of the stories, which are totally autobiographical. Each page is a perfect reflection pill before you go to sleep, for a time dead in the subway or the time that a cup of coffee lasts. I have the pocket version, all underlined and quite bruised, and that is what I love: it shows that it is a head book that always goes with me and fits in any situation of my life.


Sandra (Fashion Purchases)

I loved Lemon bread with poppy seeds by Cristina Campos for her easy reading and for the relationship between the two protagonist sisters. They are two women with very different lives, who have lived separately and for their heads many things have happened at this time. But they discover that, in the end, the family is the most important thing in the world. I also liked it a lot The Japanese lover From Isabel Allende. He talks about unconditional love among friends, lovers, men ... and talks about patience and hope, you end up getting what you need to be happy. The end is an authentic pass.



Jordi (franchises)

Definitely life of Pi by Yann Martel. An inspiring and fantastic adventure. You will not believe it until you reach the last pages, when everything will charge a new meaning. Read and re-read, my favorite. A very special book if you know how to decipher.


Pablo (Import)

Frankestein from Mary Shelley. This is my preferred English book. I love the Gothic novel because it talks about issues that question the society of its time and that are universal. In addition to dealing with a wide variety of issues that reflect on the human being and its surroundings. Perfect for Halloweeen!

Also Everything we could have been you and me if we were not you and I from Albert Espinosa. It is a book that devours in a couple of days for its style and content. Suitable for almost all audiences. I like its way of dealing with such "hard" issues so entertaining.



Manuela (franchises)

I will look for you while I live of Paco Lobatón for being a book that gives voice to families with a disappeared loved one. To those who survive uncertainty. To the great ignored by society. Because the constancy, the strength, the struggle, the love of my family is in writing in Chapter 5.




The Koala Killer of Kenneth Cook. I haven't spot me with a book for a long time. They are small real stories of an Australian journalist in Australia. Adventures with native fauna and other inhabitants. It is an easy book but that starts true laughs. Being stories is an ideal book to taste history to history. Perfect also to read someone out loud.

AND This will also happen of Milena Busquets. Talk about death, how it coexists with the loss of a loved one. The protagonist's voice takes you for bitterness and fun (in equal parts). And Cadkeys is the stage of much of the book. It seems delicious and therapeutic.



Other books that have fallen in love this year have been Waiting for Mister Bojangles, by Olivier Bourdeaut, The disappearance of Stephanie Mailer by Joël Dicker and The grandfather who jumped out the window And he started of Jonas Jonsson.