The Guajiro and his grandson

El guajiro y su nieto
El guajiro y su nieto
El guajiro y su nieto
El guajiro y su nieto

I met the Guajiro at a stop on my way to Pinar del Río. I entered, without announcing, in its small farm in the Viñales Valley, the most important Vega Tabaquera in Cuba.

The Guajiro welcomed me and invited me to sit in front of the table where his wife gave us mango and coffee.

We talk about everything a bit. He told me about his life, closely linked to the tobacco plant and hopes, renewed year after year, to obtain a good harvest.

He told me about the goodness of his family life, which passed peacefully in the countryside, away from the bustle and the disorder of the city.

He told me that he felt lucky. Because he loved the countryside as much as he loved his family and that was above any other consideration that could be done in relation to his country.

He told me that his great passion were the fine roosters. I raised them and took care of them with care. He presumed to be the owner of one of the best cookies in the area.

He spoke slowly, enjoying the moment, without any hurry to finish our conversation. Nothing seemed to accelerate neither his word nor his movements.

Until, suddenly, his daughter and grandson arrived.

And the Guajiro left for a moment to attend me, he stood up quickly, he raised his grandson, closed his eyes and enjoyed the hug of life and heat of love.


Pepe Navarro

Viñales, Cuba