The incense and its properties

El incienso y sus propiedades
El incienso y sus propiedades
El incienso y sus propiedades
El incienso y sus propiedades

What is incense?

The term "incense", Which comes from the Latin" incensum, "means lighting. It is a preparation based on vegetable aromatic resins that are mixed with essential oils, so that, when burning they detach a balsamic smoke that, traditionally, has been a source of healing powers and purifiers since very old times. In some cultures, it is considered sacred and used as an offering. The most popular incense presentation is that of wand, which is generally used to connect with the spiritual plane. These energy wands have transcended for years as a vehicle of meditation and well -being of the body and soul. We know, the incense is a product that has real fans and great detractors. Or you love it, or hate it. You are the group you are, today we want to explain the many benefits of this plant (yes it is a plant) that contributes to your body and your mind. As you know the incense is a product that has been part of the family Natura Since its inception. We have had and have incense of Tibet, from India, from China ... countries that have used this product since ancient times. The incense not only offers an aroma to harmonize for your home but also has other multiple benefits for the mind and body, such as the Sandal incense which contains anti -inflammatory, antioxidant, diuretic, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties; Reason why it is popularly used as home remedy to treat different conditions, pro also eliminates negative energies such as falsehood, deception and lie. Ayurveda incense Natura

What is the incense for?

We tell you a series of benefits and properties that incenses have: 1 | Improves blood circulation The incense has an acid called Boswelic, this ingredient is known for its anti -inflammatory effects and for helping to improve blood flow and circulation. 2 | Help concentration Many religions use incense for deep meditation. If you are looking for a moment for you, to think and to connect with you the incense can help you find that state of peace you are looking for. 3 | It can be a good aphrodisiac It is the perfect ally to create atmospheres. If you are looking to generate a spicy atmosphere we recommend the blue lotus. It is known for activating the hypothalamus, which is responsible for sexual excitement. It increases testosterone production and increases blood flow to sexual organs. 4 | It helps to sleep The incense helps reduce anxiety and relax the nervous system so burning a barrita of incense before going to sleep can help you to rest. Care yourself for the lavender, vanilla, and jasmine. benefits and properties of incense

Do you know how to choose the aroma according to its properties?

Attention! Not all incenses are the same, since each aroma provides different benefits. Discover its varieties and what each incense is for: Lavender: Relaxing aroma, ideal for generating tranquility in an environment. Myrrh: It contributes to relaxation and meditation. Cinnamon: revitalizing and aphrodisiac aroma. Ideal for meditation, to create a security environment and give energy to the body. Rosemary: Revitalizing aroma that helps clean the environment and eliminates bad energy. This essence is to increase memory. Place it in places of study or reading. Eucalyptus: stimulating aroma Disinfects and refreshes the environment. It helps decongest the respiratory system. Mint: It is also a stimulating aroma. Because of its freshness, this essence purges the environments loaded with energy. Vanilla: Aphrodisiac aroma used for a romantic environment. Pink: Aroma that generates a sweet and romantic atmosphere. It is used to reduce stress and stimulate sexual senses. And finally, but not least ...

How to light the incense

To light a wand incense at home, we will only need the wand and a incenses burner.
  1. Place the wand by clicking your part discovered in the hole of the inainee
  2. Turn on the wand through its superiot end with a lighter or match and you will see how the wand begins to change color due to the heat of the fire.
  3. The incense moves away and let the wand be worth consuming. Be sure to place the incense burner in a safe place, in which it cannot cause a fire or burns while consumed.
  4. Relax and enjoy.
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