The other face of Taj Mahal

La otra cara del Taj Mahal
La otra cara del Taj Mahal
La otra cara del Taj Mahal
La otra cara del Taj Mahal

The other face of Taj Mahal.

A look at Taj Mahal from its poorest side. Far from the hundreds of tourists queuing in front of the access ticket offices. And of the endless rows of beggars who, with their hands open, spend the day imploring them a charity.

It is winter and the fog retains the force of sunlight, creating a feeling of space content.

From the short distance, the form, at the same time resounding and subtle, of the great temple consecrated to love can be seen.

The river is dry at this time of year and, in its bed, corn is grown. There are workers. Dogs and camels bell in your wide, looking for food, one more day.

As it happens to me on some occasions, I feel privileged to be, at this time, in this wonderful place.

Where Taj is simply form. A perfect form contrasted against the clarity of heaven. That I want to photograph, before sunlight appears strongly, highlighting its volume and defining its contour.

I hurry to do it. And, at that time, without paying attention to my poaching, a silent pilgrim crosses my field of vision walking slowly in the direction of the temple.

While adjusting the camera approach, I feel especially happy because I know that the simplicity of his figure has been an unexpected gift that will beautify my photograph.

Pepe Navarro