The perfect beach accessories kit with Natura

El Kit perfecto de accesorios para la playa con Natura
El Kit perfecto de accesorios para la playa con Natura
El Kit perfecto de accesorios para la playa con Natura
El Kit perfecto de accesorios para la playa con Natura
To us, going to the beach seems one of the best plans of the summer. Take the sun (always with some breeze), bathe at sea, play shovels without stopping (covering us with a good hat) and reading. We really like reading under the umbrella. You are also reading these lines and you are from the opposite opinion (we know that many people hate the beach). If not, and you are one of ours .... It will interest you what we are going to tell you.

Eight accessories that cannot be missing in your beach kit:

We are clear about the most essential beach accessories, and we want to share it with you.

A good large, resistant bag and a fabric that endures moisture.

We are one of those who are loaded to the beach, so we like large bags. It can be from a capture to a recycled polyethylene bag. You can see our favorites here. Large beach bag Natura

Without a hat we do not set foot in the sun.

First of all for a health and caution issue in front of the sun. Second because we love how a good hat feels any beach look :) Choose yours! Beach hat Natura  

A towel even to get there and leave the beach and to lie on the sand.

It is the perfect accessory for both the beach and the pool. The comfort and versatility of a pareo on the one hand and a towel for another. If you don't have yours yet Get one. Pareo towel Natura


You still don't know what this invention is? It is very comfortable for the beach. A headrest to lie in the sun and keep your head of the ground. That will allow you from resting in a comfortable posture until reading a book. Ah! And it is folding so you can always carry it with you. SUPPORT Natura


When you are going to spend a long beach day, think about how we can entertain ourselves is bá-si-so. It can be a good book, some card games either...The shovels!. paddles beach Natura

Good shoes in case the beach is rocks.

Do you want to be one of those who move lightly on a beach of pebbles or do you prefer to look like an injured zombie in every step that des? We always recommend good footwear. Not all beaches are fine sand which Caribbean beach, so going well is not there. Discover ours Playa footwear collection. Beach footwear Natura

Cold water.

Oh! Blessed water (and especially cold). Under the sun it is essential to hydrate so you never forget your reusable water bottle. If it can be a thermos that keeps the cold better than better. Or not? Reusable bottle Natura

Beach Neverita.

If you are going to spend a day laaaaargoooo do not forget the food. Something cool like a pasta salad (or not), gazpachito and some fruit. To keep it fresh, get a beach fridge, your great ally. Beach fridge Natura Discover the entire beach collection & .... WELCOME TO THE BEACH!