The volunteers

Los Voluntarios
Los Voluntarios
Los Voluntarios
Los Voluntarios

Those who come to the call of the most needy.

Those who are always available.

Those who understand and help ..

Those who embrace and strengthen.

Those who hardly faint.

Those who endure everything that is necessary to endure.

Those who do not ask for anything and give everything they can give.

Those who never wait for later and act now.

Those who commit.

Those who can be trusted because it is known that they will say yes.

Those who have enough to stay all the time serving, accompanying and comforting.

Those who invent games and invite everyone to play with them.

Those who smile when no one else seems to be able to do it.

Those who distribute medicines and manage comfort.

Those who hold the spoon in front of the mouth of the little ones.

Those who understand the pain of those who have lost the most.

The inventors of the blue of the sky and the yellow of the sun in the kingdom of the shadows.

The time of time that roam the watches of hope.

The makers of millions of small miracles offered on the altar of every day.

Those who answer all the questions that the need for love poses.

The denials of foolish and murderous hatred.

The best representatives of unconditional delivery.

The great friends of the best truth in life.


Pepe Navarro