The water that blesses life

El agua que bendice la vida
El agua que bendice la vida
El agua que bendice la vida
El agua que bendice la vida

Water has arrived in the town.

It has been brought by a ten -year -old girl mounted on her bike, conditioned to load up to three drums.

The girl has arrived exhausta, has distributed it among the three houses of the village and, in each of them, the new day movements begin to feel.

Water allows everyone to resume their usual tasks normally.

And helps mitigate the consequences of an ambient temperature that exceeds 40 degrees Celsius.

It is time to refresh the newborn baby, to bless their presence bathing it with the water that has just arrived.

His grandmother feels on her knees and empties bowls on her body often. While his sister contemplates him without missing a detail.

There is happiness at home. All are close. Attending, pleased, to the baby's reactions with each new soaking.

It is beautiful to see it flow on the body of the newborn. We are all happy.

And I feel, in the most intimate, the desire that the water never lacks in the village and that the joy of this moment ceases to be, forever, something exceptional.

Pepe Navarro, Burkina Faso