Travel essentials. What you need for your summer vacations

Travel essentials. Todo lo que necesitas para tus escapadas de verano
Travel essentials. Todo lo que necesitas para tus escapadas de verano
Travel essentials. Todo lo que necesitas para tus escapadas de verano
Travel essentials. Todo lo que necesitas para tus escapadas de verano
We all have vacations on our minds. Summer is getting closer and closer, and little by little our minds start thinking about the getaways we are going to take during these months. Because yes, summer is that time when we never stop moving.

That's why we want to make 'the suitcase moment' a bit easier for you. That dreaded moment when you don't know what to pack. So relax, because we have made a selection of the essentials that you cannot miss in your suitcase for those upcoming getaways.
1. Good headphones
What would a trip be without music? Unthinkable, right? At Natura, we have the perfect headphones for you to have your moments of disconnection during your getaway. Wireless and small. What else could you want?
2. A cool fanny pack
When we travel, we look for comfort. But if you add style to it, you get the perfect combo. A fanny pack is the best option for visiting places and keeping things handy.
3. A had to protect you from the sun
Being outside all day, we are super exposed to the sun. Therefore, whenever you travel, you should wear a hat to prevent the rays from penetrating your skin. This safari hat will be your ally during your travels. It is made with a cool fabric, ideal for summer.
4. Traveling with a bad is much more confortable
When we go away for three or four days of disconnection, it is much more pleasant to travel with a backpack where you can carry your essentials for those days. A duffel backpack is a very good option. Everything you need fits in this 50-liter bag.

5. The essential travel kit for your liquids
We know it's difficult to organize a bag properly. To save space, we recommend using these plastic bottles to transport your bath, hygiene, or cosmetic products. They are refillable, so you can use them whenever you want. Their size is specially designed so you can carry this travel accessory as cabin luggage without any problem.
6. Cervical protection with the 'flower' cushion
And what do you say about cervical pillows? When we see someone with one of those pillows, our envy is awakened. It is probably one of the best inventions ever made by humans. And if it has a super cute print, this super pillow becomes an essential.
7. Matching luggage tag + passport holder? It's a YES
We love small details. That's why we love traveling with things that make our belongings more special. A tag to not lose our suitcase and a passport holder to keep our passport safe are two things we love when traveling. They give us that personality we should not lose even when we travel.

8. A fan that will save your vacation
Traveling is so cool. What’s not cool at all is being hot while on vacation. Therefore, an essential for your suitcase is a wireless fan that you can use whenever you are dying of heat. And if it can hang, it’s even better.
If we were already excited for summer, after this post, you don't know how hard it is not to think about vacations. We will have to wait a few week. But at least now we know how to prepare our luggage.