We already have award winners Natura XXVII!

¡Ya tenemos ganadores del Premio Natura XXVII!
¡Ya tenemos ganadores del Premio Natura XXVII!
¡Ya tenemos ganadores del Premio Natura XXVII!
¡Ya tenemos ganadores del Premio Natura XXVII!
It makes us very happy to announce another year than ... we already have the winners of the award Natura! He Prize Natura It is a recognition that we give since 1992 to social and environmental projects that have the will to improve the world. In the XXVII edition, 81 projects have been presented in the social category and 7 in the environmental category. All projects presented have been submitted to the assessment of an external consultant from 7 Evaluation objective criteria. Subsequently, all the people who are part of Natura They have voted among the finalists. And the winners are....

Geoda Action Foundation

Geoda Action Foundation With an economic endowment of € 20,095 for the project: "Sustainable access to drinking water and basic sanitation" Beneficiaries: 1500 Berber inhabitants of the Tissili village, in the Atlas de Morocco Aim: Provide all the houses in the house of home water Main activities:
  • Works to create water supply
  • Home facilities (water and sanitation)
  • Water management formations
  • Formations in hygienic-sanitary practices
  • Creation of the Water Council
  • NGO with experience in the area and in this type of project.
  • Participation of beneficiaries, very high appropriation and proven sustainability.
Additional Information:
  • Winners prize Natura 2017
  • Cofinance with NGOs and beneficiaries, Natura contributes 57%


Codespa With an economic endowment of € 30,000 for the project: "Social reintegration of children and young people former soldier" Beneficiaries: 150 children and young people between 7 and 17 years held in CDM in rubber, Democratic Republic of the Congo Aim: Socially reintegrate and re -educate these children so that they can have a peaceful and dignified life when leaving the minor detention centers. Main activities:
  • Psychosocial support
  • Socio -educational activities
  • Mediation for family reunification
  • Medical attention
  • Professional training and work skills
  • Free the perpetuation of the cycle of violence and poverty.
  • Counterpart to work in complex environments.
Additional Information:
  • Cofinance with NGOs, contributing Natura 64%
This year the environmental category has been deserted. We want to take advantage to thank all NGOs who have presented a project, our consultant Víctor and all the people who work in Natura since thanks to the work of each of them we make the prize Natura I can continue alive year after year.