What does it smell like Natura In May?: A Jasmine.

¿A qué huele Natura en mayo?: A jazmín.
¿A qué huele Natura en mayo?: A jazmín.
¿A qué huele Natura en mayo?: A jazmín.
¿A qué huele Natura en mayo?: A jazmín.
And we arrive at May. The month where spring unfolds at its maximum splendor with the birth of plants and flowers. A month of floral and sweet odors so this month leads us directly to a concrete aroma: jasmine. A floral, warm, animal, spicy, fruit smell with sweet touches. A smell widely used in perfumery that keeps some secrets and curiosities. Before presenting our products with a jasmine smell, we tell you:
  • Jasmine flowers Sambac They open at night and close in the morning. They fire their smell for 12 or 20 hours.
  • India is the birthplace of Jasmine. Especially in the south of that country, it is used in offerings for the gods and for beauty rituals in which women place jasmine garlands in their hair. It is also a symbol of sensuality present in marriage ceremonies.
  • There are more than 200 species of jasmine, but only two are used in perfumery: the jasmine Grandiflorum and Jasmine Sambac.
  • Jasmine has antispasmodic properties, so it has been used to heal the female reproductive system. It can help relieve uterine cramps during childbirth, calm the nerves and improve emotional problems as well as migraines.
Candle Natura 200g Jasmine Candle Natura 200g Jasmine
Aromatic vegetable wax candle, with cotton wick and glass jar. A floral smell with output notes to green pine, honey, pink, jasmine and mute and back notes to cedar, grass and wood.
Jamine Indigo Jamine Indigo
Large wax candle 60% vegetable and jasmine aroma, in glass glass.
200gR scented soybean candle 200gR scented soybean candle
Basic candle of Natura scented, made of soybeans and with 10% perfume.
Mikado Great India 120ml Karma Aroma Mikado Great India 120ml Karma Aroma
The Mikado Indian Great Indian collection are inspired by the aromas and colors of India. 120ml content, in glass container with rattan rods. The karma model is a jasmine aroma and Mother.
We hope this selection of products with jasmine aroma fill your home from a pleasant spring aroma. you. Every month we will propose the ideal aroma for that moment. Attentive to June! 🙂