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Zodiac incense cones

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This incense is handcrafted in India based on the zodiac signs and is made from aromatic roots, resins, herbs, natural flower oils and wood powder. This ancient formulation produces a mystical scent perfect for praying, reducing bad odors and creating a fresh, pleasant and calm environment. Contains 16 cones.

Light the cone, blow out the flame and place it on an incense holder.

Free of toxic substances.

- Aries: rose.
- Taurus: magnolia.
- Gemini: night queen.
- Cancer: musk.
- Leo: rhododendron.
- Virgo: lemongrass.
- Libra: jasmine.
- Scorpio: cedarwood.
- Sagittarius: amber.
- Capricorn: sandalwood.
- Aquarius: lotus flower.
- Pisces: patchouli.

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Incense, resins and high quality plant material

6.5 x 1.4 x 7.5 cm

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    Zodiac incense cones

    Zodiac incense cones


    • 139413-MAGNOLIA
    • 139413-PATCHOULI
    • 139413-ROSE
    • 139413-NIGHT QUEE
    • 139413-MUSK
    • 139413-RHODODENDR
    • 139413-LEMMONGR
    • 139413-JASMINE
    • 139413-CEDARWOOD
    • 139413-AMBER
    • 139413-SANDALWOO
    • 139413-LOTUS