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Chakra Incense Tube

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Collection of natural incenses with 30 sticks. Burner included.

Each scent and color represents a chakra:

Crown: Lotus (pink). This chakra represents wisdom and being one with the world.

Third Eye: Jasmine (lilac). This chackra enhances your ability to focus on insight and visualization.

Throat: Eucalyptus (blue). This chakra amplifies your skills of self-expression and communication.

Heart: Rose (green). This chakra increases your ability to feel love, kindness and affection.

Solar Plexus: Lavender (yellow). This chakra strengthens your ability to be confident and in control of your life.

Sacral: Ylang Ylang (orange). This chakra rules your connection with your physical self, and how you perceive yourself.

Root: Cedar (red). This chakra represents or foundation and feeling of being grounded.

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30 sticks

4.4 x 28 cm

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