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Facial quartz roller

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Face massager featuring two quartz stones. Introduce this roller into your daily beauty routine, along with your moisturizers and gua sha stone to get an amazing glow. Not only you will see benefits in your skin, but you will also help relax facial muscles, stimulate circulation and better absorb the products you apply.



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Quartz stone

15 x 5,5 cm

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How to use it:

With clean skin, apply your moisturizer, serum, or facial oil of choice. With the roller, make upward and outward movements, starting from the chin. Move it from the center towards the cheeks, going all the way around the face and neck. Use the smaller stone in the eye area.
Use the roller to finish any routine, after activating muscles and draining facial skin with an accessory such as a gua sha stone. Sliding the roller gently and taking into account the lymphatic system, it will close the pores and will leave your skin perfectly hydrated.
For a radiant glow, use 5-10 minutes daily.
Clean it after each use with water and soap and let it dry in the air or with a soft towel.

Facial quartz roller

Facial quartz roller