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Candle Natura 200g

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Aromatic vegetable wax candle, with cotton wick and glass jar. 

The aroma and intensity of the perfumes are progressively changing as a sail burns, to refer to this process we talk about the olfactory pyramid. The output or head notes are found in the upper part of the pyramid. The aromas that appear here are of low duration and those that we initially appreciate in a fragrance. The heart or head notes notes, located in the center of the pyramid, determine the soul of the perfumes to be the ones that most distinguish some perfumes from others. The duration of these notes allow you to merge with the exit and background, making them the main ones when aromatizing the rooms. Finally, the background or base notes form the base of the pyramid, due to its low volatility and resistance they give the final touch to the perfume so they have a great duration.


Red Beerries:

Olfactory family: fruit.

Departure notes: strawberry, blueberry and black currants.

Note heart: raspberry, black grape and mature cherry.

Background notes: blackberry and black brazamora.



Olfactory family: floral.

Departure notes: fresh pine and green notes.

Note Heart: honey, pink, jasmine and muguete.

Background notes: cedar, grass and wood.


Linen Flower:

Olfactory family: floral/fresh.

Departure notes: grass, lavender and wild flower.

Note Heart: Iris, Gardenia and Blue Flowers.

Background notes: Musk and Amber.


Blue Ocean:

Olfactory family: fresh/aromatic.

Departure notes: lavender, tangerine and green notes.

Note heart: pink, amber and marine notes.

Background notes: moss, musk and sandalwood.


Green Tea:

Olfactory family: green/oriental.

Departure notes: Lima, Lemon, Mentol and Eucalyptus.

Note Heart: Lithsea, green tea, lavender and tangerine.

Background notes: amber.



Olfactory family: floral/citrus.

Departure notes: orange, tangerine.

Note Heart: Green casis, Azahar flower.

Background notes: anise, white musk.



Olfactory family: Gourmand.

Departure notes: apple, peach, lactic chord.

Note Heart: lilac, chocolate, white flowers.

Background notes: vanilla, orange, caramel.


Approximate duration: 40 hours.



To get the most out of the candle, see it until the upper surface melts in full, reaching the walls of the glass. Do not let the candle more than four hours in a row. Never leave a candle without surveillance. Keep it away from air currents, children, pets and any flammable object. Let the candle solidify before turning it on again. If black smoke appears, it is recommended to cut the wick: at all times it must be clean and not measure more than 5 mm. Do not burn the candle until the end, leave at least 5 mm of wax in the glass.

Made in Spain.

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98% soy, 2% essence

Ø 8.9 x 12.2 cm

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Candle Natura 200g

Candle Natura 200g


  • 139422-RED BERRIES
  • 139422-JASMINE
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  • 139422-BLUE OCEAN
  • 139422-GREEN TEA
  • 139422-ORANGE
  • 139422-VANILLA