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In 1992 opens the first Natura store in Barcelona.

In 1994 its expansion starts throughout Spain with different franchises

 and that same year the first store opens in Oporto, Portugal.

After  years of growth, Natura is present in all Spain, Portugal and Mexico.


Natura means authenticity, excitement and positive attitudes. Our aim is to awaken the senses of our friends and customers. 

Throughout our trajectory, Natura has tried to create a space where you can find a fusion of cultures, a journey for the senses in which light, music, frangances and objects - chosen with care and sensitivity - provide utility and good sensations to our clients.


At Natura we have always bet on a slow but safe development policy.

This is not an easy matter according to the market with which we deal every day to stay aflote. But, little by little, thanks to the effort and support of the whole team, and thanks to the loyalty of our clients, we are achieving this.

You must have in mind that we are a medium size company, there are giants in this area who have the necessary means to track their production chain.

Despite this, we are aware of the social responsibility we have. We feel very committed to our responsibility of improving ourselves in all of the key aspects to protect our planet's health.

We work to lessen our environmental impact due to the production of our items.

We want our products to be the result of the best choice of factors that take part in its manufacture.

Our mid term aim is that you are assured that buying in Natura is synonym of love towards nature and respect towards life.

That's why we carry throug these measures and actions:

We don't work with big factories, we give absolute priority both to little workshops/small shopkeepers, and items from NGO's.

These means that we know the people we work with and we try to find out as much as we can about the production process, labor conditions, etc. 

Natura stands up for fair labor policies. We try to be ethic when negotiating the prices, because the productions with each of them are small.

In order to achieve the balance between our principles and profitability we have projects such as the Natura Award, with which we have been able to donate more than 1.5 million € since 1994.

We also have the Agua por Agua campaign, with which we have raised 123.416 € and we have built 133 wells of drinkable water in Burkina Faso, an African country in Sahel (

If you wish to know more about these projects you have all the information in this website and in our blog.

Its crucial that you understand that by buying in Natura you are not contributing directly with an NGO, because we are NOT one, but you are supporting our actions to be possible and more efficent.

We believe in a better world.

Thanks for being part of our dream.

Legal note

Natura Selection, S.L. con sede social en la Ecuador 55-67, 08029 (Barcelona) y CIF B60035912, 
se encuentra inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Barcelona, Tomo 22120, Folio 0001, 
Sección General del Libro de Sociedades. 
Telf +34 934941460

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