Tips for taking care of your feet in summer

Tips para cuidar tus pies en verano
Tips para cuidar tus pies en verano
Tips para cuidar tus pies en verano
Tips para cuidar tus pies en verano
Often, we are not aware of the importance of taking care of our feet. With the arrival of summer, it's time to switch from boots to sandals. This means your feet are completely exposed, and that's why it's important to start adopting some good habits to show off healthy and beautiful feet.
Taking care of your feet is especially important at certain times of the year, like before summer, since we spend more time wearing open shoes and exposing our feet to the sun, sand, and water. Although breaking in new sandals can be tricky (with the inevitable blisters), maintaining a good foot care routine will help you overcome (and even avoid) this battle.
If you don't know where to start, don't worry. We know it's difficult to begin a new routine. That's why we're bringing you tips to help you show off radiant feet this summer.
Step 1: Regular Hygiene
The first thing you should do is wash your feet daily. Use warm water and a mild soap. You can use a brush with a pumice stone, which is ideal for cracked heels and helps to soften calluses and remove all those imperfections on your feet.
 Step 2: Exfoliation, Your Best Ally
The next step is to exfoliate your feet with a good stone or a specific foot scrub. This will make all imperfections disappear and remove all dead skin.
A very good option is the Himalayan salt bar, as its antibacterial and relaxing properties will help relieve foot pain and reduce the risk of infections.
 Step 3: Hydration for Your Feet
Once all impurities are removed, the most important step is to moisturize with a good foot-specific cream. It's important to pay special attention to the heels and areas most prone to dryness. You can use this foot mask, which will deeply nourish them. You can also use a foot massager to relax and relieve stress through the trigger points.
 Step 4: Nail Care
To show off beautiful feet, you also need to have nails to match, so you will need to cut and file them, as well as clean them to avoid dirt buildup. We recommend the small-format beautiful nails kit, which you can store in your purse, backpack, or suitcase and give yourself a quick and easy pedicure.
 Step 5: Wear Appropriate Footwear
If you adopt a routine like the one we've outlined above, but don't use good shoes, all that work will be for nothing.What will really keep your feet healthy is using sandals and shoes made from good material and that are comfortable. Quality will prevent problems like calluses and other complications. That's why it's essential that the shoes you wear provide good support and allow ventilation.
If you are looking for good sandals for the summer, know that at Natura we have models made of leather. Besides being super stylish, they are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic.