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Boho Organics vegetal candle with stone 200gr

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Collection of candles made with vegetable wax and free of toxins. They are handmade and inlaid with healing stones, infused with aromatic essential oils. The gemstone at the top of the candle will drop to the bottom of the container while the candle is burning. Once the wax is emptied, you can keep the stone and enjoy its aroma. Includes a gift box with a tassel detail.

- Ayurveda: infused with the benefits of essential oils, this air freshener has been carefully prepared using Ayurvedic secrets and recipes to enhance your well-being. The divine aroma purifies the air and helps you balance the 3 Vedic doshas: vata, pitta and kapha. Amazonite is the anti-anxiety stone, known for its relaxing qualities. Let this scent take you to a place of peace and tranquility.

- Seven Chakras: open your chakras and find balance and inner harmony. Known for its healing properties, rose quartz is a gemstone that helps open and balance these chakras. A calming stone that encourages love, acceptance and equanimity.

- Palo Santo: palo santo has been used for centuries in shamanic ceremonies and healing rituals. The aromatic oil from this holy wood centers you and cleanses the energy around you. Black obsidian is a strong and protective stone that, combined with palo santo, helps expel negative energies.

- Nag Champa: use this scent made with Nag Champa essential oil to fill your room with its refreshing and relaxing energy. Its floral and earthy aroma will help you find harmony and inner peace. Amethyst relaxes the mind, balances mood swings, and helps with clarity of thought.

Cotton wick.

50 h burn time.

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Soy, glass and stone wax

200 gr

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Boho Organics vegetal candle with stone 200gr

Boho Organics vegetal candle with stone 200gr


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