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Incense koh do

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Japanese incense without bamboo support. 20 bars of 30 min. Made in Japan.

Haiku (Agar): 

This rare, exquisite and serene aroma of aloe wood is very good for meditation, introspection, writing ... reflection and recollection.

Aloe wood is one of the most pleasant fragrances, not only of perfumes, but of anything that has an aroma. For years, even centuries, this wood lies latent in silent communion with the earth to create a mysterious, exquisite and mystical aroma. Among the woods of Aloe (also called agar), Kyara is the most appreciated, high in refinement and grace, as a noble in court. Its rarity gives it immense value. This 'incense of each day' has a refined timeless fragrance. We hope you enjoy it.

Byakudan (Sandalwood):

The fragrance of Byakudan (sandalwood in Japanese) has the virtue of relaxing the body and calming the mind. Use it to focus or meditate. When retiring to sleep, it may facilitate peaceful sleep.

Sandalwood, transmitted through the ages, nurtured by the infinite flow of time, firmly rooted in the earth under the shelter of Mother Nature, growing towards the sky, holds within it a generous and exquisite fragrance. Its aroma has been used since ancient times for prayer and to relax the body. This incense is made from abundant sandalwood, born from the vastness of the earth. It is deeply comforting, and its fragrance is warm, strong, and woody. Like a comforting prayer.


The floral note of the cycle with touches of Primula, Jasmine and citrus refreshes as a summer breeze. Freshness and purification.

Koh do Aqua is inspired by a source of fresh water that springs under high trees, whose green leaves filters some sun rays. It is an encounter with the sensations of the forest. Its pure fragrance becomes a floral breeze that expands with a translucent glow, like a jewel that radiates light.


Loto aquatic fragrance with notes from Lirio de los Valleles, Ciclamen, Sandalo and musk. Freshness and well -being.

The fully floral aroma of Koh do Loto evokes a tender dream. The children of the wind run through the forest, dense through the high herbs of the summer. They jumped, splash and bathe under the sun. Sometimes they feel quietly to play with flowers and waves on the fresh shore of water.


Amadied and sweet aroma. Associated since ancient times with love. Suitable for use at dusk. Relaxation and comfort.

Sun light is a hymn to life. Branches swinging in the wind, rays of light that shine through the leaves the sunlight nourishes the life of all beings. It brings joy to everything that lives on earth, sea and air. Although its light is changing in the morning at noon or twilight, the same blessings continue to offer us. This incense has been created to evoke pure sunlight. Remember the delicate lilies that bloom on the slopes of the mountain and brings you the image of a fresh and sunny morning. Smokeless incense.

Genji (Narcissus):

Narcissus floral aroma with a musk and moss note. Genji, the glowing prince, is the protagonist of the great masterpiece of Japanese literature of the eleventh century. Passion and sensuality.

"The moon suddenly shone between the clouds, the rain stopped. A slight breeze blew spreading the wonderful fragrance of the flowers. Throughout the palace, this aroma mixed with the incredible and delicate fragrance of the incense that burned, creating a magical atmosphere . - Genji's story.

Kyoto (Sandalwood and herbs):

Velvety, sophisticated and deep aroma that transports us to the millenary temples of Kyoto. Welfare and warmth, incense with little smoke.

The fragrance of this incense has two basic notes. One is based on sandalwood and medicinal herbs with a touch of musk that generates calm. The other note, fully floral, is cherry tree, the emblematic flower of Japan. Koh Do Kyoto's kind and sweet aroma speaks to the heart.

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Incense koh do

Incense koh do


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