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Oil essence 10ml

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Extracts of plants that are elaborated by means of the conventional process of steam distillation.

They stimulate the natural defense mechanism and help emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

To be used in vaporizers, add a drop. For use in diffuser, add 4 to 5 drops. They also serve as an anti mosquito repellent.

Our range of fragances caters all kinds of people with different requirements. Choose your need from the list below:

- Basil: invigorting, good for clearing mind/aiding concentration, especially when tired. Ideal after a stressful day..

- Cinnamon: stimulating, warming, spicy, ideal room fragance. Blends well with orange and clove.

- Clove: repels insects. Blends well with orange and cinnamon. Warm, spicy aroma.

- Eucalyptus: well known winter oil, traditionally used for its penetrating clearing actions and aroma.

- Frankincense: calming, soothing, traditional aid for meditation. Ideal for relaxaning, claimed to have soothing qualities. Spicy/warm.

- Lavender: mildest but most effective of all essential oils. Restores balance and encourages sleep.

- Lemon: refreshing, uplifting. Powerful sweet lemony aroma, excellent for vaporizing to banish unpleasant smells. Repels insects.

- Orange: Citrussinensis: Soothing, uplifting. Warm and jolly atmosphere in winter. Encourages sleep: ideal when vaporized or ni blends.

- Patchouli: Pogostemon patchouli: Musky, exotic. Sooting, boost energy and promotes harmony.

- Peppermint: invigorating and clearing, ideal when traveling. Refreshens and awakens the tired mind.

- Ylang-Ylang: calms and soothens the mind.

- Juniper Berry: helps relieve tension and stress. Helps gain more restfull sleep. 

Do not apply directly on skin. Do not ingest. Not recommended for pregnant women.

*Product subject to review of shipping conditions due to the presence of alcohol in its content.

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100% concentrated natural extract.

8.5 x 4 x 4 cm.

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Oil essence 10ml

Oil essence 10ml


  • 113257-BASIL
  • 113257-CINNAMON
  • 113257-CLOVES
  • 113257-EUCALYPTUS
  • 113257-FRANKINCEN
  • 113257-JUNIPERBER
  • 113257-LEMONGRASS
  • 113257-ORANGE-ORANGE
  • 113257-PALMAROSA
  • 113257-PATCHOULI
  • 113257-PEPPERMIN
  • 113257-YLANGYLANG