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Tied white sage

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Purify and get a space full of positive energies with this tied of white sage. Its aroma neutralizes and balances the environment obtaining harmonized and energized spaces. By burning its leaves, it provides a feeling of well -being, peace and good energy.

Do you know the benefits of white sage?

Most of the properties are on their leaves. By burning them they give off a very pleasant aroma. It has the power to eliminate bad vibrations, purifying our energy fields.

How do we use it?

It burns at one end. Preferably, light it with a match, blow when you turn it on to enliven the fire and let it go out. It is stirred until a whitish smoke that contains the purifying power is left. Then, place it in your inair. This smoke spreads throughout the space or person to free it from any bad vibration.

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White sage

D3x10 cm

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Tied white sage

Tied white sage